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A mashup of Tardigrades- nature's most resilient creatures with some of humanity's most enduring characters.

The Egg came first but the H=N was not far behind!

Many years ago Tardigreats were living happily in the garden- that was until Adam bit into the forbidden fruit and discovered a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

Can anyone be surprised that this beautiful Eve was able to seduce the foolish Adam into tasting the fruit of forbidden knowledge?

Nefertiti means 'The Beautiful Woman has Come' - she is thought to have wielded unprecedented power as co-regent during the wealthiest period of Ancient Egyptian history- more than 3000 years ago!

The First Emperor of China. He created the Great Wall and was buried with an enormous Terracotta Army. He was said to have been on a constant quest for immortality. ironically he died from ingesting an elixir of life made from mercury!

Sound On Please!

History's most enduring characters...